M-F: 5AM-9PM | SAT: 8AM-2PM | SUN: 9AM-3PM


INTRO TO YOGA & FOAM ROLLING: This class is ideal for those new to the idea of yoga, seeking to improve flexibility, mobility, and strength. We will incorporate the foam roller instead of yoga blocks to assist in myofascial release, modify poses for beginners, and serve as a prop for balance.

REVV/SPIN CLASS: Indoor cycling focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery using a weighted flywheel.

CIRCUIT CLASS: Moving through stations using various equipment, giving you a well-rounded strength and cardio workout.

FUN-N-FIT: A low-impact full-body workout focused on increasing strength, aerobic ability, balance and mobility.

STRENGTH: A workout class that focuses on strength training and development with a general overview.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING: This challenging workout is designed to increase strength and improve an individual’s overall conditioning.

INTERVAL: A series of repeated rounds of exercise with various intensities, speed and duration. It is a dynamic and fun class, giving you both strength and cardio.

PILATES: This class is designed to enhance the fundamental understanding of core strength and stabilization as it applies to movement. Pilates is working from the inside out to create flexibility/strength throughout muscle areas and joints.

YOGA: This is a beginner / intermediate yoga class designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility for people of all ages. This yoga class teaches students how to connect poses with breathing to create fluid movement.

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